Xbox One Problems and Solutions

Xbox One Problems and Solutions

The Xbox One hasn’t even been out for a full three days yet, and the internet is already swarming with issues Xbox One holders are having. So, lets look at these Xbox One problems and provide some quick solutions to frustrated Xbox One owners.


One of the main problems users are experiencing is with its disc drive. Users report the Blu-ray disc drive built in the Xbox One makes a grinding noise prompting the Xbox One to display an on-screen notification saying the Xbox is unable to play the disc.

Other issues, which affect a small number of Xbox One owners, include problems with headsets, crashing and displaying any one of a number of various error codes ( 80072xxx, 87ddxxxx, 8007019x, 8019019x, 8b050033, E100 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, E101 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, E203 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ).


So, what’s a new Xbox One owner have to do if you’re experiencing game-breaking issues with your Xbox One system?

The answer is pretty simple. First and foremost, Microsoft recommends returning the Xbox One to the exact location in which you purchased it from. Microsoft recommends doing this due to the speed of the return process at stores in-person and on the internet, in comparison to getting the system replaced directly with Microsoft. The defective Xbox will still end up in Microsoft’s hands in the end, as retailers will send the broken device directly to them after you have returned it.

If you are receiving an error code on your screen, and the error code starts with the following:

  • 8007, 8019, 87dd – These are network connection issues. Go to Microsoft’s network connection troubleshooting page to fix these.
  • 8b05 – This error code means your Xbox One needs a system update, but one is not available. Try again at a later time.
  • E100 – You will need to return your console if you experience this error.
  • E101, E203 – You will need to contact Xbox Support to remedy these issues.

Well over the majority of Xbox One owners are not experiencing issues with their new consoles. As Microsoft deals with this small number of problems, they should have most issues remedied before Christmas. The Playstation 4 is also experiencing a slew of problems, too; one of which may be a result of damage during shipment. In these cases, as well, Sony suggests returning the PS4 to the place of purchase.

Once Sony and Microsoft sort out these problems, things should be smooth sailing for both consoles. 2014 holds a heap of great games sure to please needy gamers; such as Tom Clancy’s The Division, Halo, Thief, Destiny and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Stay tuned for more info from VGM.

How is your Xbox One performing?

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