The Last of Us Prequel

The Last of Us Prequel

The Last of Us, one of the PS3’s most acclaimed titles, will have a prequel coming out this September.

This prequel, titled Left Behind, will be in the form of a DLC that will require ownership of The Last of Us either downloaded or on disc. Details are quite limited on this DLC, as the only thing officially said about it was in a Tweet from Naughty Dog’s official Twitter that can be seen here. The post also includes a promotional picture, co-stars of the DLC Ellie and Riley, and a release date of February 18th, 2014.

The Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog, is a survival horror game of supreme quality. This game is so good its worth getting a PS3 just to play this highly successful title. It was also the 2nd largest video game launch of 2013, right behind GTAV, and features an unsurprising Metacritic score of 95/100.

My favorite thing about The Last of Us is its immersion, story, and perfect mix of exploration and action to satisfy a wide variety of gaming needs. At many times during this game you will be on the edge of your seat–even during scenes that are nearly dead silent. Naughty Dog has pushed the PS3 to its limits with The Last of Us as the level of detail, effects and animations are extremely impressive and beautifully rendered. This title would even pass as a next-gen game. Not many games can say that!

It’s been months since I’ve played The Last of Us. Many parts of the game are stuck in my mind. I crave the day I return to the game, which should be soon. All aspects of the title are powerful, believable, gritty, and very impressive. This game will go down in history. A follow-up to The Last of Us on PS4 is definitely possible. Naughty Dog, in concerning a sequel, simply said “we’ll see” on the Playstation blog. We’ll see, alright. Due to The Last of Us’s incredible success, it would be stupid for Naughty Dog to not make a sequel. I’m sure Sony Entertainment would more than love to bring The Last of Us to the PS4 system…

We’ll see…

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