Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation

Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation

Battlefield 4 player appreciation month will be taking place for the duration of February, which is 28 days long.

Player Appreciation Month appears to be a way DICE is thanking its fan base for their dedication to BF4, even after its array of launch issues, most of which have been fixed.

Not everyone knows that Battlefield 4’s launch problems have been mostly resolved. There are still many out there who have tried BF4 during launch and were turned away immediately, and haven’t looked back. BF4 Appreciation Month is partially aimed at this crowd.

DICE/EA are hard at work in stabilizing Battlefield 4, and still continue to strongly support the game with an endless array of patches that have been slowly lifting the game back on its feet.

You can consider Player Appreciation Month as a way DICE and EA are apologizing for the poor launch of Battlefield 4. Or it may be a way to distract us from the few bugs that remain and the issues that once existed and still plague the internet. Nevertheless, DICE still has many patches planned for Battlefield 4, a lot in which will be focusing on the games “net code.”

BF4 falling skyscraper!

BF4 falling skyscraper!

Here’s what’s in Player Appreciation Month:

1. A Battlepack Every Day — apparently DICE will be giving out bronze (during the week) and silver (during the weekend) battlepacks during each of the 28 days in February. These battlepacks will undoubtedly contain a slew of attachments for guns you don’t use, as well as camo and XP boosting sessions that you will probably use.

2. Shortcut Bundles will be FREE — The kit shortcut bundles that are available for Battlefield 4 will now be free for all users during the month of February. These bundles will immediately unlock all handguns, all grenades; and for premium users all DMR’s, and all shotguns. That’s interesting, but doesn’t include vehicle shortcut bundles, for some reason. Also, there is a catch: these shortcuts can only be unlocked and used for just a single week in February. That’s a low-blow, DICE!


BF4 gameplay — run!

The blog post describing Player Appreciation Month will also include double XP every weekend in February, community missions that unlock gold battlepacks, and developer talks, which will basically be interviews of DICE’s staff.

All-in-all, the perks of Player Appreciation Month are not too impressive. Discounts on Premium and unique weapons and vehicles would be tops for PAM. But, that’s not happening.

Also, there is no word as to when the DLC Second Assault will be out on PC and Playstation. Xbox players have been enjoying Second Assault since early December of last year! A simply news piece on Second Assault for PC and PS would be a huge perk of PAM, alone!

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